Tuesday, October 1st 2019
New-ish Home and Old-ish Games

The weather has started turning. Autumn is just around the corner and funny enough, my mood has gotten better. Can you believe we've been in this house for a year already!?


Work really busy recently. Taken on a lot more respossiblity. Back end. Gadget rates. Aaron started. Appraisal

I've been working on my Board site a lot recently. Only just taken a break. I've also been wanting to play all the Mario Parties for inspiration and would love to play them online too. I downloaded the Dolphin emulator and with NetPlay you can! Got it to work and actually played online. It was great. Had the retro game itch again.

I recently bought an 8BitDo controller after Gilles brought his in and I got to test it for an evening. I instantly loved it and ordered one right after giving the controller back.

emulator. OpenEmu. Not a new app by any stretch. I may have already spoke about it multiple times on here, but it's so good. This thing can even play Playstation games on my dying MacBook.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Advance Wars, Croc, Clock Tower, Vagrant Story

My aim is to buy the new Raspberry Pi 4 (with lotsa RAM) and use it as a RetroPie gaming console. Of course, not until RetroPie put out the new version. I cannot wait. I was quite adverse to the idea at first. I like collecting these old games and didn't want a new system replacing them. Although, the convenience of this is too good to pass up. Especially when it comes to getting rare games or games not even released here. I definitely will still collect old games just like I do with CDs. It'll make it that more special when I find them in the wild and bring them home to play.