Monday, September 30th 2019

FF8 Remastered / sep 3rd
downloaded at midnight. didnt update. thought they'd changed the uk date, but it was there 10 minutes after midnight. loving it.

it chapter two / September 5th
it chapter two. sat down for 5 hours.

hmrc / September 5th
hmrc tax refund £78.20

Rucksack / September
bringing my back pack with me and laptop. do stuff at lunch in work. keeping essentials in back pack.

ff7 remake new trailer for TGS / September 11th

worcester fest / September 14th

car engine management light / September 14th

8bitdo / September 20th
gilles lent me his. i bought one. got it friday. played cuphead with kim. played on switch and mac emulators. zelda.

tv / September
We've finally got a TV in work for the office. A massive one. Matt brought his Wii in and Mario Kart so we could play a few games at lunch.

volume all day / September 21st

thomas cook gone under / September 23rd
parents holiday cancelled. were supposed to go on the 25th.

- - - -

? / September 3rd
wake up, bath, walk loop, co-op, food, home, drive to bristol, park outside jos', pay for parking, pack stuff into car, jos vacuums room, get all stuff in, drive to new place, unpack car, meet new roommates, drive to sainsburys, get diesel 20, to co-op, food milk, home, kim made chicken, watch tv, bed