Tuesday, August 20th 2019

Coffee Shops: - Rookies - Blue bird - Bush doctor - Het ballonnetje - Siberia - Stiva - Bas Joe

Day 1: -Arrived in Amsterdam at 9am, took a wander to air B and B, checked in at 3pm. Bought a 5 day travel pass, went to rookies, had some lunch at cafe down town, goat cheese hot sandwich, had a nap at the accommodation, took a long walk in the hammering down rain to Ann frank house. Went to New York pizza for dinner, got ice cream, went into blue bird for a smoke. Got waffle on the way home. Rained heavy.

Day 2: -left the apartment around 11:30am, went to the supper market before heading to meet for the boat tour. Went on the boat tour. After headed over to the Amsterdam swing, walked around the top and went on the swing. Weather stayed nice most of the day and dry. Ross, Kim and kie ate at fat Phil’s and I ate at the junk food bar, food was amazing. We then took a walk around the red light district. Had a foot massage, for some desert and went back to the apartment. Dry all day.

saw guy from the chats band

Day 3: -left the apartment around 12, headed to primark, got a tram. Went for a look around and then went to rookies for a coffee and smoke. Took a tram down to the zoo and spent the day wandering around the zoo, went in the planetarium and aquarium in the zoo. Went to Het ballonnetje and then to get chips, sat down eating them after queuing for 30 mins. Took a walk to Siberia coffee shop had a hot chocolate. Went home, played goldfish and went to bed. Dry and sunny.

Day 4: -woke up and went to the happy pig pancake. Went to rookies for a smoke and coffee, smoked pre rolled hash and a mix of what we had left! Had a ice coffee and Fanta. Took a tram to brouwerij ‘t ij brewery, Ross and kie had 5 beer tasters. Caught a tram to the red light district and went to the erotic museum. Then walked to butchers and had a burger! Was amazing. Then took a walk to a coffee shop, sativa and bought a gram of Jack the Ripper and had a smoke. Mainly sunny and dry with a little bit of rain. Went to sex show without Kim and kie! Got churos and sat at bas joes coffee shop.

Day 5: Had to wake up earlier because we had to check out by 11. Woke up at 9, had a shower, got ready and packed all our stuff. Had to carry our luggage with us today and made our way to pulk for breakfast. I had avocado on toast, Ross had eggs Norwegian and coffee. Walked to rookies, had a ice coffee and got a gram of lemon tree. Sat and smoked for a while. Went to Vondelpark and relaxed for a while. Took a walk to the museum quarter and got a Nutella covered waffle. Walked back and sat in Vondelpark for a couple of hours. Took a tram to New York pizza. Went to the sex museum. Then had last smoke outside the train station. Ran to catch the train to the airport. Went through security and sat around drinking Fanta orange. Flight was ok, creepy walk down an ally to collect the car. The car wasn’t parked on the drive and there was no answer at the house! After 10 mins managed to get hold of the guy who was literally a minute away, got in car and went home just before 11pm.