Wednesday, July 31st 2019

eat website / July 29th
taking a break from eat website. just a little while. maybe month. with all the daily things i do, it was getting stressful keeping up to date.

- - -

? / July 13th
wake up, drive to cardiff, see her school, didnt get desk as didnt need it, drive to ely, help kim with pokemon go raid, meet others in team, drive to ikea, look around, she gets hearts with arms, recycling boxes, drive home, laze in bed watching videos n reddit til like 6pm, on comp, before 10pm quickly get changed, drive to co-op before close, buy wine, drive home, wine, smoke w/ kim, comp, finish bottle, bed 2-3ish

? / July 28th
wake up, still didnt get paid, play pokemon mystery dungeon beat gengar n zapdos, feel bleh, laze, hang clothes up, drive to co-op, wine pizza garlic dip, drive home, download loads of films, drink bottle of wine, watch coming to america, smoke, play guitar, bed