Wednesday, June 26th 2019
34 Minutes

It's nearing midnight and I've limited myself 34 minutes to write this post. It's Just a bit of fun to get some shit off my mind.

Starting with myself, I'm feeling a bit more in control of my daily mood. It's not always easy. Some days I can come home and just not know what to do with myself. Some days I feel at peace. I went for a walk earlier right before it got dark with half a bottle of wine in my belly. I have no fear walking around when I've had a drink. Not even that unconscious spine tingle sensation you get when you step into a dark patch.

Some cat just screeched like fucking crazy outside. I thought I should mention that.

On to music. In support of their new album, Appleseed Cast was featured in Kerrang with Chris doing an album-by-album rundown. It was super interesting hearing him talk about the history of the band and I learned a lot of things. He mentioned a record in the early days of the band that he would constantly play called 'The Truth About Love' by Broken Hearts are Blue. An emo band with a nice blend of SDRE and ??. The singer sounds a bit like Billy Corgan, Jeremy Enigk and the lead singer of the The Get Up Kids, in a blender. And in a good way! Now that I think about it, the singer also sounds a bit like Josh. Heh.

Chris also expanded on a lot of things in the Washed Up Emo podcast he'd be planning on doing for what seemed like forever. It was great hearing him talk in long form. I feel like I relate a lot to him. As for their new record, it's sounding fucking great.

Website stuff. It's never-ending. I've been adding news articles to the F4T website each day and it has slowly started building a story of the state of homelessness in Wales. I'm excited to see how it will develop in the coming weeks when I start adding more features. Since I started making that Music site, I'm always coming up with better ways to organise things. I'm planning to overhaul most of my sites in due course. I've been adding TV shows, cartoons and films. I hope to do a post on data hoarding in the next few days.

Work has been fucking mental. I keep getting lost in a sea of emails, constantly trying to catch up with myself. I know I can do it. Once again, it's just all about better organising my time and perfecting my work flow.

I probably should be getting to bed. I'm knackered. I was up until 3am last night stupidly searching for three old school 'friends' on Facebook. I'll occasionally look for them every few months just in case they've deactivated their accounts or something. My eyes play tricks on me when I find any account with a slightly similar name as if they all look it could be them. Becky James. Jessica Hawkins. Daniel Paul. What happened to you?

This was fun. Felt just like old times when I'd waffle on after I finished my shift at Morrisons. Expect more of these, or don't. I'm most likely gonna edit this up a bit after I've posted it as it looks and reads like hot shite. Not too much so that it takes away some of the silliness. Structured blogs annoy me right now, but they may make a comeback when I'm comfortable with writing again. I get so wrapped up in how it should look, paragraph length, correct grammar, keeping it interesting and funny, appropriate featured picture. It's all buzzing it my head and it makes me not even want to write. I know I'm not a good writer, but I enjoy blabbering on with my particular cadence and limited vocabulary. Maybe I'll get better the more I write and the more I continue to read my novels.

I hope this post captured the moment and did not feel like an amalgamation of days, stitching sentences together. I'm trying to be honest with myself.