Sunday, June 30th 2019

start work on police station / June 3rd
talk of a police station for a long time, but finally started digging up the ground. so long nice view

itunes n my music site / June 3rd
apple retiring itunes. working on my music site for the past month. already at 1500 tracks and counting.

h3 baby / June 5th

bampy rees / June 15th

maya shore / June 17th
August 20th. Release date of "we knew everyone".

2000 clues / June 23rd

- - -

? / June 1st
wake up, sainsburys, foam bananas n samosas n white tshirt, drive to cardiff, give jos his food n earphones, drop him at cardiff train station, park car at bridge, wander town, buy kim lush box, back to car, drive home, drive to parents, they at lets rock wales, see ieu, play with dogs, pick ieu up, take him to mine, co-op, shipyard indian oven meal, drive home, put indian meal in oven, cook, watch vids, eat, smoke, bed 1-2ish

? / June 2nd
wake up, watch ep of the rain w/ ieu kim, drop ieu at parents, drive home, co-op food, home, dacey over, plan trip in august, drive to frankie n bennys, food, tortellini n pizza, say bye, drive home, watch h3 podcast, go on desktop comp, bed

? / June 8th
wake up, cwtch kim, kim out for pokemon day, on computer, laze, drive to co-op, get jaffas n pasta bake, drive home, microwave pasta bake, eat jaffas, start playing fallout 4, kim home, kim wants to order pizza, order same as last time, it arrives, watch booksmart film, roll, smoke in attic, kim go to bed, i play fallout 4, bed

? / June 9th
wake up, kim go for walk, bath, brush teeth, me n kim drive to tesco spytty, dolly mix n ale, to cineworld, see ross n dacey, watch godzilla, coffee chat, bye, drive home n get diesel 20, cook hellofresh stir fry, yogs vids, play fallout 4 - factory kill raiders, hang clothes up, go on comp, watch microsoft e3, upload eurhythmics albums, bed 12.45am