Saturday, June 15th 2019
The Massive Mid-Year Catch Up

I'm making myself write this as I've kept wanting to write an entry, but haven't. Over time, the list of things to talk about got larger and I've kept putting it off. Trust me, I would break these into separate journals if I could, but it would take forever. Let's just get it all out of the way and I can go back to normal posts. Feeling pretty happy with how things are turning out right now.

First thing was that I got my bike repaired. I took it to Halfords and managed to grab a discount as it was the last day of a promotion. The guy looked it over before pricing it up and a little spider crawled across the bar. It had been in the shed ever since we moved in and before that it was in the shed at our last place! I got it back after a week. I was so excited to get it back that after I'd returned home from work, I immediately went out along the bike path from my house to Pontypridd and back. It got me thinking that I would like to join some sort of adventuring group and make some new friends.

Kim Away
Kim was heading home for a few days over half term. I was in need of some alone time so I decided to book the week off. It was nice just lazing around the house cleaning and tidying at my own pace. As always, I didn't get do what I needed to do, but I was productive at the very least.

I was planning on going for a cycle ride somewhere and camp for the night in preparation for a big cycle trip later in a few months. I wasn't ready with my camping equipment so instead, I found a YHA hostel in the Brecon Beacons for cheap. I was about to book it when it started pissing down. I quickly abandoned the idea of going cycling. There was a day or two where I really was stuck in a rut.

The boiz are good. I definitely feel a lot closer to them again. We occasionally fall into ruts of not practising or hanging out as much, especially since Jos moved to Bristol, but it's slowly coming back. I feel like the main event I need to talk about was we finally went camping together (not at a festival). It only took about 5-6 years!

I took them to Middle Ninfa and we had a blast. It was such a great day from beginning to end. We had some food in Abergavenny, trekked up The Punchbowl, horsed around with the friendly neigh-bourhood equestrian species, smoked, drank and memed away the day. Jos came over mine the night before and I went a bit overboard on the whisky. I started asking about pizza after already ordering food and so the "So what do you think about pizza?" meme was born.

Lots of gig offers. We've had them coming left, right and center. I've been spamming the social media too. We recently played at the Ruin in Bristol and it sounded great. An ace night where every single band was on point and we all socialised. We also played Tiny Rebel last night with Last Hyena, FORT and Ghosts As Alibis. We've proposed an idea of putting money (£20?) into the band account each month to eventually pay for recording the album. Who knows how long it'll take, but we want to spend a large amount to get a large sounding record.

Food 4 Thought
Izzy put out a message to the group saying that at the end of June she would have to step down as the team leader of F4T. The responsibility initially scared me, but it's honestly been a great motivator. I'm technically not the leader as I believe we work better as a co-operative. I've also created a website for us that describes who we are and has all the latest homeless related news in and around Cardiff. I've been meaning to create something like that for ages.

I've also agreed to do a sponsored skydive! Izzy came up with the idea and I agreed to do it too. We're planning to do the jump around September time hopefully. It really hasn't sunk in yet. I just know I'm going to be shitting myself on the day. No doubt about it. Let's hope we can raise a lot of money for the cause.

Holiday Booked
Just when I thought we wouldn't be going abroad this year, an opportunity jumped at us. It's supposed to be secret, but I'm pretty sure Ross won't see this. Dacey usually books a holiday for them each year around his birthday and keeps the location secret. Well this year, we've been asked to come along too! Kim and I will be dropping them off at Bristol Airport, we'll park the car and join them inside. The game is seeing how long we can keep the secret until he spots us. We booked the accommodation and flights the other day. Amsterdam is calling us back!

e3. ff7 remake. ff8. I damn near jumped off the sofa when I heard Liberi Fatali. I'm looking forward to the new updates Sony will inevitably announce soon. Slept in the morning after.

I kinda fell by the wayside with my '12 books in a year' challenge. Every year I've struggled with it. I try to get them down to one a month and other stuff just keeps popping up. Sometimes I'm just really not in the mood to read, but recently it's all I've been wanting to do. I recently finished Flowers for Algernon. What a ride that book was. I finished it in just a few days with the majority of it finished in the last day.