Thursday, June 27th 2019
Digital Hoarder

I'm a digital hoarder and proud to admit it.

Not so much in the sense of films. but of personal stuff. I've kept every single photo (that's not blurry). live videos of bands I enjoy. Stuff that cannot be replicated.

Unlike regular hoarding, digital data takes up no space. It obviously takes up space in the form of a hard drive. On top of this I have m website.

I love the look on people's faces when I show them something I've kept from years ago or something that they thought was forever lost. They may have deleted them for whatever reason, but time changes us all and we may want to see them again. I showed Ieuan his first album and a load of his old GarageBand songs.

More of a worry that other services like YouTube or Facebook will eventually be deleted. That is why I set this journal up to begin with.

In addition to the worry, it definitely seems like I have a need for control and ownership of my data. Never had Spotify. Never had Netflix.

Uploading pics. As I go through meeting Kim, Dani, Cath and Charlotte. Past my friend groups. When I had hair.

Illustration by Adam J. Kurtz