Monday, June 22nd 2020
Best & Worst Weed Experiences

I thought it would be fun to talk about my most memorable experiences with weed and the ones that stand out. The good and the bad. In the five years I've been smoking it, it has amplified many experiences in different ways. I'm sure I will have many more in the future. Can't possibly remember them all and there are probably a lot I have forgotten.

First Timer
Funny enough, my actual first experience with weed was eating it in Dan's flat. I was super against the tobacco than the weed. Dan dared. Nothing happened.

I was naive in thinking that there was no tobacco in there. Sofa.

A few days after the forest. I immediately stood up and made my way to the door. I turned my head and sprayed sick all over the wall.

One of the worst times smoking wasn't long after the break-up with Dani. Gemma had moved into a new flat in Richmond Road. I would occasionally pop over and smoke with Dan. For some reason I started looking at the light and I thought it was the sun. I couldn't get that image out of my head. I started heating up. Before I knew it, BUCKETS OF SWEAT were rolling down me. It happened so quickly. I was soaking. I put this tea towel on my head. The temperature had not changed. I had to lie on the cold floor staring at the ceiling.

American Football
The most recent. Dale rolled a blunt.

Claude Rd
Claude Rd.

Ynysybwl attic. 420. Josh's phone feedbacking.